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Hiring a Handyman for Door Repair and Replacement

A handyman is a general contractor who can perform a variety of home repairs and improvement projects, from fixing an appliance or stuck door to painting or hanging new pictures. Handymen are often referred to as “jacks of all trades,” and they have well-rounded skills that allow them to tackle many household problems.

If you have a list of to-do items that seems never to get completed, hiring a handyman to take on some or all of them can help reduce your stress levels and potentially save money. For example, a sticky door handle may seem like a minor annoyance but it can lead to a lock malfunction or make the entire door unusable. A door repair and replacement professional can quickly assess the problem, recommend a solution and either repair or replace the handle.

When it comes to exterior and interior doors, the quality of their installation and maintenance can have a significant impact on security, comfort, energy efficiency and appearance. A squeaky or rusty door hinge, misaligned or warped door frame and a ripped or torn screen can all contribute to drafts in the winter and air loss in the summer, which can lead to higher heating and cooling bills. An experienced handyman can replace or fix the door frame, repair or replace the hinges and re-hang the door. He can also clean the screens, reseal and paint or stain the door to extend its life and protect it from sunlight, water and insects.

Choosing the right handyman for your job can be challenging. A good place to start is with a search of online reviews and recommendations from friends or neighbors. You might also consider asking a local real estate agency or property management company about the handymen they recommend.

Once you’ve narrowed down the options, it’s a good idea to schedule a time for the handyman to visit your home and discuss the work that needs to be done. During this meeting, it’s important to be as specific as possible and to ask the handyman for examples of his previous work. This will help you to determine whether or not he has the experience needed to complete your project.

Handymen generally work by the project and for individual customers, but they can also be paid staffers for maintenance companies, apartment complexes or other commercial properties. In these cases, they will usually report to a supervisor or manager.

If you are interested in becoming a handyman, there are vocational schools and tradesmen’s apprenticeship programs available to teach basic skills. In addition, community colleges often offer technical education courses that can be used for credit toward a vocational degree. Some people choose to be self-employed as independent contractors, while others join a local union that can provide a range of benefits, including training and liability insurance. Regardless of the route you take, it’s a good idea to create a written job description that includes your working hours and shift options. This will help you to attract the best candidates by ensuring that they can apply only if your employment offering matches their schedule. For more details visit

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