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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Child Custody Attorney

Although going through a divorce is never pleasant, it may be particularly difficult and emotionally taxing when children are involved. When divorcing, couples have a lot of problems to deal with, such as child custody and visitation, so it’s critical that both parents have a strong attorney fighting for their interests. A Pensacola, FL, child custody lawyer may assist parents in comprehending the legislation and reaching a just and reasonable compromise that benefits all parties.

The legal right of parents to decide on important aspects of their child’s development, such as schooling, health care, and religion, is known as child custody. Parents may choose a “parenting plan” that has to be authorized by the court, or they may agree to joint or shared custody. An informal parenting agreement is conceivable, but it is often not enforceable in court, thus it is normally ideal for both parties to have a written arrangement.

According to Florida law, it is preferable for parents to share parenting responsibilities and for children to have regular, ongoing contact with both parents. However, the courts have the authority to grant one parent exclusive parental responsibility or time-sharing if they conclude that doing so would not be in the child’s best interests.

In some situations, a court may grant a parent with a history of serious mental illness, addiction, or domestic abuse supervised visitation or no time-sharing at all. It is also typical for a court to impose a no-contact order in situations when the kid has been sexually abused.

It is difficult for parents to come to an agreement on their own, and in each situation, the best course of action for raising a kid must be determined by the court. This is the reason it’s critical to have a reputable Pensacola, Florida child custody lawyer on your side to protect your family’s rights. Call Davis and Associates today at (469) 213-3316 for your free case evaluation with a Pensacola Family Lawyer!

Getting recommendations from friends, relatives, and coworkers who have already worked with a local company is the best method to locate a child custody lawyer. Additionally, search for a lawyer that has a spotless disciplinary record, satisfies strict experience standards, and has been validated by Lead Counsel.

In addition to a lawyer’s education and experience, you need also take into account the person managing your case’s personality. In addition to being sympathetic and cognizant of the problems you are experiencing, a competent child custody lawyer will also be well-versed in the many alternatives available to parents in Florida. They can point you in the path that is best for you and your kid and will be ready to listen to you and answer your questions. As every court has different preferences when it comes to parenting and custody orders, it is usually a good idea to work with an attorney who is acquainted with the judges in your community. This will maximize the likelihood of victory for your case.

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